Jonas SUN7 in the spotlight

Jonas SUN7 (Sunset) born in France, 1977 Making his New York debut at Catherine Ahnell Gallery in 2013, Jonas SUN7 is one of the most promising young contemporary artists in France today. His work has been exhibited in  places including … Continue reading

The street art exhibitions you want to know about 2016

Street art started out as part of a movement in the 80s and 90s – an expression of the people far from institutions and establishments. Today street art as an art form has taken multiple directions and different street art … Continue reading

L’ATLAS and JONAS SUN 7 in auction presenting the world’s most recognized street and pop artists

IN GOOD COMPANY – On June 15th L’ATLAS and JONAS SUN 7 will be two of the represented artists alongside KEITH HARING, BANKSY, JEFF KOONS, DAMON HIRST, SHEPARD FAIREY, SWOON and some of the others of the world’s most recognized … Continue reading

A guide to contemporary art

Yaze, Tanc, l’Atlas, Sun7… some of the artists we represent and support can be found in the the book Le Guide De l’Art Contemporain (The Guide To Urban Contemporary Art), produced by Graffiti Art Magazine featuring the world’s top artists … Continue reading