This is Catherine Ahnell Gallery Freerunning Art Corp

As the gallery is prepping for our next exhibition with painter Tali Lennox we wanted to welcome all our new readers and followers and tell you a little bit about the gallery.

CATHERINE AHNELL GALLERY Freeruuning Art Corp represents recognized young foreign artists introducing them to the New York market. If you have passed by the gallery you can see the letters “A.I.R.” written on the door. “A.I.R.” stands for Artist In Residence and means that every artist is invited to both live and work in the gallery. During one month the artist residences here and uses the gallery space as a studio. Then the studio transforms into an exhibition space and the art is exhibited in the same space as were it was created.

Debuting in New York these artists have recieved critical acclaim abroad where they are represented by established galleries such as Magda Danysz and Suzanne Tarasieve. They have also exhibited in art forums such as Fondation Cartier, Espace Louis Vuitton, Palais Tokyo and the Les Bains Douches project curated by Magda Danysz – an art exhibition showing installations from the world’s most prominent street artists.

See you at 66 Grand Street!

Next exhibition: Layers of Life by Tali Lennox March 19th – April 19th

Thu – Fri 12-7pm, Sat – Sun 12-6pm


Skärmavbild 2014-05-28 kl. 00.12.07

Artist In Resdidence

Artist In Resdidence


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