Exhibition by Tanc – behind the scenes

Last chance to see French artist Tanc‘s solo exhibition is tomorrow, Sunday June 29th. Tanc spent three weeks in the gallery/studio creating the pieces he is now exposing. The New York beat and atmosphere influenced him to a new phase of his work.

Tanc has exhibit his work in various places across the world. His work is characterized by the uniqueness of his style, which is better understood acknowledging that Tanc grew up as a graffiti artist. He sees street art as ephemeral, and that the creative process matters more than the result itself. To him, being an artist means embracing a certain way of life: to be fully committed, and show absolute integrity.

179772_195332990619699_339583019_n 181220_193244407495224_1080980706_n

935611_193244694161862_11437758_n 1083_193244784161853_1601066364_n

575542_193244474161884_1453811042_n 575542_193244660828532_1588792274_n

263254_193244514161880_336719198_n 970416_193244600828538_139080867_n


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