Artists in residence – the Soho heritage

Passing by the gallery you might have seen the A.I.R. sign on our door. A.I.R. stands for Artists In Residence and goes back to the gold era of Soho when the area was a melting pot of emerging artists, excentric personas and flourishing creativity. Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring they all started out in the gritty streets of Soho. Since this time the buildings are officially landmarked for artists in residence living and working in the studios of Soho buildings, nevertheless the law has been disputed many times and what is supposed to be and what actually is doesn’t always go hand in hand.

The A.I.R. heritage drew Catherine to Soho while looking for a gallery space. With its first exhibition in April 2013 Catherine Ahnell Gallery Freerunning Art Corp established itself as a live in workspace celebrating the history of A.I.R. taking it into the future.



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